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Hey Queens!

How are you holding up during this pandemic? Are you living in your purpose despite what’s going on or caught in a rut? Do you feel you want to do more in your life? Maybe you want to start that business; a YouTube Channel, a clothing line, or a blog. Yet, you are hesitant. Well for starts, if you are thinking about it then God has put it on your heart. But the hesitation? Perhaps it’s not having the clarity on what your unique Purpose is.

Well, have no worries Queen! The Purpose Map is the tool for you. This map will help you map out the reason God created you and help you decide once and for all, what is next. This Map is intended to be a guide to place you on the right track towards your Purpose. However, you may use it as you see best in your journey.

The Purpose Map Start

The Purpose Map


      Let me pray with you: Father God, I pray that every woman who takes part in this map, gains clarity for the reason you created her. Give her motivation and determination to not stop until she is living in her Purpose. Uplift and encourage her every day. Give her your unconditional love to know there is a reason for her existence. Keep her protected and anointed as she embarks on this journey to Purpose. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!

 It is sealed Queen. You got this! Now, Boss Up and take what is already yours!

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Until next time!

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