The Purpose Journal (e-book)

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You're a Queen destined for Purpose. Do you need help staying on track towards your God-given purpose? Desiring to embrace the woman you are just a little more? Then this interactive prayer journal is designed specifically for you. It is designed to uplift and inspire you, while pushing you towards success. Discover and use your God-given gifts! 

What can you expect?

Daily activities to motivate and excite you towards Destiny!

Guided help to create Goals and see them to the finish line!

Prayer List(s) for requests and reflection!

Organized To-Do List(s) for your convenience!

Plus MORE!

***This journal is an e-book. For editable (fill-in) features, the journal can be downloaded to a phone and/or computer (laptop,desktop,etc). For editable use with iPhone, click the share icon, copy to Books, open in the iBooks app and start typing where desired. You will receive a download link via email once your purchase is complete. 

***This journal mentions God and spirituality. 

Size (U.S.) 0-2 4-6 8-10 12-14 16 14,16 18-20 22,24
Bust (inches) 31.5-32.5 33.5-34.5 35.5-37.5 38-39.5 40-42 44-45 44-46 48-50
Waist (inches) 23-24 25-26 27-28 29.5-31 31-33 37-38 35-37 41-43
Hips (inches) 33.5-35 36-37 38-39 40.5-42 42-44 47.5-48.5 46-48 51.5-53.5





  • Sizing may vary depending on cut and style. Please use measurement model above as a guideline to determine the most accurate size for you.